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Full text of "The Fate Of Man In The Modern World"

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86                         THE FATE OF MAN

peoples is merely the imitation of Europe and
its armed technics. Even the sport and technics
which interest so many groups of nationalist
youth to-day are of a thoroughly international

Throughout history we can trace two ten-
dencies, that toward individualization and that
toward universalization.   Both are not only in-
evitable, but justified, in cosmic life.    But their
harmonic  adjustment  has   almost  never  been
attained, one or the other has always held undue
predominance.   Just like everything else in the
history of our fallen world, the proper harmoniza-
tion of the individualizing with the universalizing
force has never succeeded; like everything else,
they have been distorted by sinful desire and
idolatry.   Nationalism and internationalism have
equally   impaired   the   integrity   of  humanity.
Both the Nationalism and the etatism of our
time are forms of idolatry.   The Christian truth
that there is no longer Greek nor Jew, which
was of course, no denial of the fact of national
individuality, is violently overthrown and the
peoples of Europe are reverting to the old,
pagan ideas of nationality.    The unity of man-
kind, toward which, in principle, at least, the
processes of both Christianization and human-
ization were leading us are now denied in prin-
ciple and in intent, and human unity is threatened